Friday, 1 June 2012

Did you know ?

Yes for fucking real !! May is the National Masturbation Month !!! Lets not be shy, so...

Some facts on masturbation benefits?? Alright, here its goes....

According to some source, it (masturbation) is the greatest way to release stress (don't you just agree with this statement? ) and release a nice flood of mood boosting endorphin (to the emo(s), this is specially for you, and you know who you are). And masturbation is the safest sex play around, no worries about STD, or unwanted pregnancy.

And it helps you sleep better. (This is very true! ). LoL, I don't know how true about this though somehow it helps improve pelvic movement which eventually improve your performance on bed (or wherever you prefer) and enjoyment !

Ok.Crap.Who masturbate for all that ??!! Haha...:)

So, did you celebrate May with all the meat beating, whacking, vibrating or whatever you're into??

Have a great May, peeps !

Crap !!I was planning to write about my job hunting and interview stories, apparently .......oh fuck !!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Saturday, 4 February 2012

If life gives you an opportunity to hit the "rewind" button, where would you want to go? 

Happy 2012 peeps ! 

There are plenty of mistakes in life that one wish they didn't make them, but yet thanks to them, it help shape us to be what we are today, for better or worse. 

How can I missed out all the good times I wished I could be there in my friend's life. or perhaps my idle existence doesn't mean anything to them. At the end of the day, nothing can replace the friends we make over the years and no sweeter memories can be compared. 

again, a very happy

Happy New Year !

Sunday, 27 November 2011

College/University : Done 

This is an overdue overdue post, I guess. I've keep my hands and head (of course) off this blog because I'm actually quite busy (nah, actually its all laziness, fucking laziness!) and I guess its time to to rejuvenate it after all. Well, university is finally OVER NOW !  The long dreading arse hours that we spent in library are finally over ! (this is simply fiction, haha !) I remember......and I will always remember....the ups,the downs, the joy, the unhappiness, the happy moments... everything that words can describe moments and cannot describe moments...I will remember...and always remember !!

Sure miss those fucking arse once in a life time good times.I think most of us would like to re-visit, no perhaps re-live our university days minus those stupid arse exam, of course :) !

Here's the awesome KICK-ARSE Friends (not in order)

Pey Miin, Wong_Gemini

The 1st time I met you was during my freshman years in Dectar, and then 
we lost contact for almost 2 years, then we meet back.
Funny eh, about fate??

Yi Chen, Ooi _ Purple Poodle

haha, I was absolutely embarrassed when I insisted that I don't know you, where as
we have already meet cooperate in an event during our freshman year !!

Who knows, after 2 years....we cooperate again, this time in senior year, a bigger  burden , haha i mean responsibilities !

My housemate ! 

Wei Lun, Koh_Allen & Ai Hui, Lim_Amy

It was actually quite weird that both you will mixed with the low rank people like me.
Come on, you guys are like one of the Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelor and Sexiest Women Alive in our course,
meanwhile I'm like the awkward one...outcast.

Perhaps you got tired of all those high class living? haha!

Seng Yee, Jee_William

It took me sometime to think, whether should I pen this down.
We were so close then, but something got between us and we grew apart.
Its not anybody fault, in fact I don't know what it is...but I believe we have got through it
in our senior year. 

I know how you felt, but....
I'm sorry !

Friends !

Kai Li, Lew_Kylie

I know associating  with us is your biggest regret...

but not to me. :)

I know apologizing now, wont change anything..perhaps
you wont even notice this arse blog...but it does make me feel better.
Sorry :(

Lee Peng, Tee_Phoeby

Thinking back, I still don't know why I choose to talk to you among so many other when I'm in my fresh man year....

and just like this, we become friends Besty?
I made you cry, made you laugh ( I hope I did)....made you horny ( I know I did)
get to know ur little doll friend (ah Boon)...
and even battled a cold war with you...

Words simply cannot describe our love-hate relationship! haha

Peck Teng, Lim_Pretty Girl

Honestly speaking...I hate you during the fresh man year. haha...

Love somehow seep its way and works its magic and...
I got this "Pretty Girl" as my friends!!

Sorry for the way I treated you and calling you names.Sorry for complicating stuff in senior year, Lee Peng and I really had try our best !! 

P/S : You are still not beautiful ! and airport ! haha :P


I have tried and I failed...

Perhaps the door wasn't for me to open after all.
Somehow, lowering my expectations make our relationship grow better !

Yew Joe, Wong_Joe

Sometimes criticizing you make me the evil friend,
perhaps I shouldn't be so straight forward with you.

In fact who am I to criticize you....
I'm more pathetic than you are.

Improve ur dota skills !! lol

Sem You, Lim_Star 

The reason I participated and went to Pesta Tanglung ! haha
Never cross my mind the Director of Pesta Tanglung is my housemate ! haha :P

Perhaps busy meddling our house chores are ur reason for trace existence in our activities!

You're always my housemate, never my roommate...lucky? haha...

Lik Ser, Whan_Dadabian

YOU!!...hmm...drama drama drama !!haha...
I know I have been such a HUGE disappointment to you. I can't be the friends you wanted, 
you needed....

but deep down I do really hope I can be the friends you thought I can be.
Without you scolding , urm..i mean kicking me around ...
I will never be so discipline !

 Honestly speaking all of us  afraid respect you !
Ai Ai Captain !

We may not be the best of the batch, the happiest bunch in the crowd...but we are still together no matter what happened !!

and I'm still truly grateful for having all of you getting me through college !

Good Luck and Take Care
my friends !

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I know I shouldn't have this kind of last-minute hesitation 
especially I've been so fucking insistence in front of everybody else. 


Many were saying that this is an idiotic immature decision, yet
many were skeptical but with an open mind ! 
 damn, Nobody is supportive !

Perhaps, this further amplified and fueled my insistence of wanting to participate 
without thinking much just to prove to them
that they are fucking wrong.

Anyhow, everybody has their own "America" dream and this is fucking mine.
Dream dreams is just not good enough for 
here I am making one of them come true !

Fuck you all who think that I'm just wasting my time !

:) Well, the Skype video interview went down very very fucking well  tonight!
We got the answer right after the interview and guess what...

Damn, of course we nail it !

here I come USA !

*I was (still am) in cloud nine, when the interviewer complimented me 
on my English proficiency*

Your English is very good, hmm...very good ! Well done !

you just make my night good, Justyna from Texas !
Thank You!
 haha ^^ 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Good days of fighting zombies with good friends are gone.Weirdly how it is related to the reality as the only survivor who escape the catastrophe is also the one who is leaving us, actually. Sadly  to think that, the chances of us fighting zombie together again MIGHT be years away....I guess this is what they mean by :

 I'll see you, when I see you.